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Released at Let’s Talk About Food
October 3, 2015


The Local Tomato Sauce Project is an initiative launched by The Heritage Truck Catering Company , a Malden-based farm-to-truck food truck catering company, in order to encourage local farmers to grow more local tomatoes by setting up a shared processing kitchen that makes their tomatoes into a differentiated pasta sauce, and by helping them market the sauce made from their tomatoes. Our goal is to increase the proportion of locally produced tomatoes in New England consumption, while offering a differentiated indigenous product to consumers.

Heritage acts either as a co-packer/contract manufacturer on behalf of farmers who wish to retail the sauce made from their tomatoes at their own farmstand or CSA, or it acts as a market-maker that buys tomatoes from farmers at the beginning of the season at a guaranteed price given certain specifications, and assumes the commercial risk of marketing the finished product once the tomatoes are delivered and processed. Either roles have the effect of reducing the farmers’ economic risk and encouraging them to plant more tomatoes each spring.

The Heritage Truck Catering Company, as the name indicates, is a street-vending and catering company that uses a food truck as its primary delivery vehicle. Its best known part is the Heritage food truck itself, which is present at Let’s Talk about Food and was launched at the beginning of the year with a focus on catering and as a street-vending and festival truck, and which has beaten all sales records by a food truck in its first year through its fresh, farm-to-truck menu. The Heritage food truck has also appeared at numerous farm dinners all over New England and is also highly sought after for weddings and corporate events.

In addition, Heritage is also a place for innovative culinary and scientific experiments such as the Local Tomato Project. David Stein, Heritage’s Executive Chef, is a graduate from the Culinary Institute of America and one of the original food truck pioneers in Boston (he ran the highly acclaimed Go Fish! Truck). He is particularly well-known for its soups and sauces, making the Local Tomato Project a natural project for him. To devise its recipes, Heritage uses a combination of culinary inspiration and scientific methods that rely on the latest sensor technologies and Internet of Things prototypes developed by Analog Devices and the larger Internet of Tomatoes project.

The Heritage Truck Catering Company is owned by Co-Creation Ventures, a Malden-based angel investment fund whose ambition is to aggregate physical space, products and services for the benefit of food entrepreneurs, foodservice workers, farmers and investors interested in making the local Ag-Food chain more economically efficient, fair and sustainable. In addition to Heritage Truck Catering, Co-Creation Ventures also owns Stock Pot Malden, a shared kitchen commissary and incubator that houses 20 food trucks and 30 food entrepreneurs.


1. Our Heritage tomato sauce has a unique taste because it is made with local New England heirloom tomatoes.
• Yes, classic marinara sauce follows Italian recipes and uses plum tomatoes, but this is heirloom country and if we had a Boston tea party, we can have a Boston tomato party.
2. This tomato sauce represents a social and economic innovation for farmers.
• Heritage empowers local farmers to act as a vibrant community that shares food processing and marketing resources.
• We help farmers make money by buying heirloom “seconds” (tomato with minor aesthetic blemishes) that would otherwise be waste, as well as their overflow of tomatoes at the peak of the season.
• Many of our farmers also retail the Heritage sauce under their own farm brand, giving them another source of revenue.
o We need for our New England farmers to grow and scale if we are going to improve the quality of food in New England.
3. Our tomato sauce is made from sustainably-grown tomatoes, not from little green golf balls gassed with ethylene to make them red, and imported from places without water, without soil or without labor ethics.
• California, Florida, Mexico, the day of reckoning has come.
4. Our tomato sauce analyzes the quality of the tomatoes used in this sauce in transparent fashion, and we want you to become part of our Internet of Tomatoes high-tech approach to sustainable local agriculture.
• Thanks to a unique partnership with a consortium of global high-technology firms led by Analog Devices, we are able to measure the acidity, sweetness, water, salt or nutrients levels in our tomatoes throughout the farm and kitchen stages, making the quality of the tomatoes used in this sauce entirely transparent to you.
• With your feedback, our community of farmers will improve our sauce year after-year, creating authentic terroir tomato products and establishing New England as a tomato power house.
o Together, let us prove that New England can win the great tomato battle!

Please contact Francis Gouillart at 781 888 0186 or email for further information on the Heritage Local Tomato Project or its companion Internet of Tomatoes project.

Tomato Battle

Tomato Battle