It’s been one hell of a ride. On June 16th I have a high end catering gig for the Malden Chamber of Commerce which will help keep me on track to break even IN MY FIRST MONTH!  It would also be the 2 year aniversary of my “Downsizing” by the corporate world, and the beginning of a trial by fire, an often painful and hugely trans-formative period in my life, and my career. I  spent more time unemployed than in the entire rest of my working life combined.  I lost my father.  I had to stare down a demon or two (good riddance) along the way.  Now I have a real business, a new dream, a great staff, and most of my ideas are pregnant!  The band (did I mention I play a little guitar on the other side of the phone booth) just recorded, my garden is growing happily,  golly John Boy I shur feel swell! The last few weeks since returning from our Southern Sojourn have been a whirlwind.  I’m really learning to take the process one day at a time (to borrow a useful phrase).  Solve the solvable, don’t be intimidated by the big picture.  So far, so good.  I’ve hired a great opening crew, mature and professional, and willing to question and suggest and play devils advocate, which is a huge asset when I can shut up and listen (not always my forte).  I’ve taken point on the Special Events/Fund Raising committee of our newly formed Boston Area Food Truck Association (NOT to be called BAFTA so we don’t piss off our esteemed English friends in theBritish Academy of Film and Television Arts).  But it sure is a nifty acronym and I love the Boston ‘afta connotation (as we are late to the game). I hope to help identify and help create many win-win events in Greater Boston combining the Food Trucks and the Music, Art, Non-Profit world.  In my spare time.  As always, stay tuned campers.  And remember, no matter where you go. . .there you are!